Yes! We have only one hooman intern! (mostly for legal reasons). You can meet our team in the About Us section. It includes both the current and past employees and their job titles 🙂

We have made an effort to display the colors of our products that appear on our shop page accurately. However, the colors you see depend on your monitor, printed products can appear slightly different.

Applying a coupon code is simple! You can do it  at the Shopping Cart section, simply type the code into the box that says “Coupon Code.” Then, click the button that says “Apply Coupon.” 

Yes! Your RAT-titude will be immense! 🙂

Yes! We always want to know what our customers prefer! Depending on the product availability, that might be arranged as well! Go to the Contact Us section to send us a message!

Yes, when the clothing item from the Shop section is open, link to Size Guide will be on the right from the picture.

Yes, some items are made with specific celebration in mind, these will only appear when relevant.

Yes! You can send an application from Commissions section. This will require some planning and negotiations !

Yes, studies by independent rat researchers show that Grumpy Rat’s merch will make you appear 37% cooler yo your rats 🙂