Do you want a drawing of your rat baby?

We can make it happen Together! 🐀🎨

Any ideas are welcome at Grumpy Rat; we can also help you with some of our own! 

I can’t promise cheap prices, BUT I can promise great attention to detail to ensure that’s exactly YOUR rat being drawn! 


Artworks that tell a story

All of these drawings are of REAL RATS, captured in a wholesome way, that  truly depicts their personality. We took time to really make sure, the drawings do them justice.

What do we offer?


Lone rat
70 $
1 rat
White background
+1 cute accesory (snack, small toy, etc.)
Just cuteness
150 $
2+ rats
Detailed background or transparent background
Detailed accesories
Next Level Cuteness

Need a different combination?

This is just a simple price guide for packages, to make it easier to understand the pricind process. If you need something in between, in order to get what you truly want, don’t hesitate to ask! Everything van be negitioted! 🙂

Sign up for a commission!

Send us an email to!, and we will get back to you trough an email to negotiate details further!